Italian Christmas cookies are delicious cookies tradition during holiday season in Italy

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Italian Christmas cookies, also known as “biscotti di Natale” or “dolci di Natale,” are a delightful tradition during the holiday season in Italy. These cookies come in various shapes, flavors, and textures, and they are often made with love and care to be shared with family and friends.

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  • Description: Tiny, round, and crunchy dough balls coated in honey and often decorated with colorful sprinkles or nonpareils.
  • Tradition: Struffoli are a traditional Christmas treat, especially in Southern Italy, and are often served piled high in a cone or wreath shape.


  • Description: Thin, crisp waffle-like cookies, often embossed with intricate designs. They can be flavored with anise, vanilla, or lemon.
  • Tradition: Pizzelle is a classic Italian cookie, popular not only during Christmas but also on various festive occasions. They can be enjoyed plain or rolled into a tube while still warm.


  • Description: A sweet and airy bread-like cake filled with candied fruits, nuts, and sometimes chocolate chips. It has a distinctive domed shape.
  • Tradition: Panettone is a Christmas staple in Italy and is often enjoyed as a dessert or breakfast treat during the holiday season.

Biscotti di Regina (Queen’s Biscuits)

  • Description: Crown-shaped cookies made with a buttery dough, rolled in sesame seeds, and often flavored with orange zest.
  • Tradition: Biscotti di Regina are a classic choice for holiday celebrations and are known for their rich flavor and delightful crunch.


  • Description: Soft almond-flavored cookies, often shaped like diamonds and dusted with powdered sugar.
  • Tradition: Originating from Siena, Ricciarelli is a popular Tuscan Christmas treat. They have a marzipan-like texture and are gluten-free, making them a favorite for many.


  • Description: Chewy almond cookies with a crisp exterior, often flavored with almond extract or amaretto liqueur.
  • Tradition: Amaretti are enjoyed throughout the year but are especially popular during the Christmas season. They can be served plain or sandwiched with chocolate or apricot jam.


  • Description: Dense, cake-like cookies made with cocoa, honey, and nuts. They are often shaped like diamonds and covered with chocolate glaze.
  • Tradition: Mostaccioli are associated with various Italian regions, and their recipe variations can be found depending on the area.


  • Description: Intricate, flower-shaped pastries made from thin strips of dough, fried until golden, and then drizzled with honey or vincotto.
  • Tradition: Originating from the Puglia region, Cartellate is a special treat during the Christmas season and is often made for festive gatherings.


  • Description: Fig-filled cookies, shaped into logs or twists, and often adorned with colorful icing or sprinkles.
  • Tradition: Cuccidati are associated with Sicilian Christmas traditions, and the filling often contains a mixture of dried figs, nuts, and spices.


  • Description: Lemon-flavored cookies, typically frosted and decorated with colorful nonpareils.
  • Tradition: Anginetti, also known as Italian lemon drop cookies, are popular during Christmas and other special occasions. They are known for their light, cakey texture.

Tips for Making Italian Christmas Cookies

  • Family Traditions: Many families have their cherished recipes passed down through generations.
  • Decorations: Cookies are often decorated with festive colors, sprinkles, or icing.
  • Gift Giving: Italian Christmas cookies are often made in large batches to be shared with family and friends or given as gifts.
  • Variety: A variety of cookies are typically made to offer a diverse selection for holiday gatherings.

In summary, Italian Christmas cookies are a delightful and integral part of holiday celebrations in Italy. Each region may have its specialties, but the common thread is the love and tradition that goes into making and sharing these sweet treats during the festive season.

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