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Tourists attraction in the southern part of Nigeria

Places you would love to go in southern part of Nigeria.


Tourists attraction help boost the economy of the country.With diverse people and cultures, Nigeria is widely recognised and celebrated for distinguishing itself through its history, legend, natural beauty and conquest. From rain forests in the south, broad savanna woodlands in the centre to a semi-desert region in the north, Nigeria offers a remarkable range of physical beauty and hospitality, all available to be enjoyed by interested tourists this yuletide season. It also offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, including rivers and ocean beaches ideal for swimming and other water sports, unique wildlife, tropical forests, and magnificent waterfalls.6 places to visit in Nigeria for a mini vacation.

Other  tourists attractions include traditional ways of life preserved in local customs, rich and varied handicrafts, and other colourful products depicting native arts and lifestyles. Tourism represents a unique area of activity, a segment of essential importance in the economic and social life of many societies in the world. Tourism is also a means for cultures to mix, understand and co-exist. And if you are visiting Nigeria or living in Nigeria, here are the top ten tourists attraction centres in South-South Nigeria you should enjoy

  1. Port Harcourt Pleasure Park
  2. Garden City Amusement Park
  3. Discovery Park
  4. Ibeno Beach
  5. Yenagoa Peace Park
  6. Bayelsa National Forest
  7. Obudu Mountain Resort
  8. Agbokim waterfalls
  9. Park Vega Waterpark
  10. Benin City National Museum e.t.c.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Port Harcourt PLEASURE PARK is a public recreation park in Port Harcourt, Rivers. It is strategically located along the central Aba Road and flanked between the Army Barracks (Bori Camp) and Air Force base junction, on an expansive open land with 24-7-365 internal security. The park boasts a wide range of facilities, including an extensive children’s playground, a miniature soccer field, 5-person paddle boats, each designed for drivers and three passengers and water steps.

Yenagoa Peace Park

The Peace Park is a pleasant place for leisure, sports activities, recreational and lavish amenities. An artificial lake was created in the centre of the Yenagoa Peace Park, adding beautiful curves to the landscape and enhancing aqua activities. Peace Park serves as an amusement park, with thousands of visitors going for a vacation and recreational purposes.

Location: Mbiama-Yenagoa Road, Yenagoa.

Bayelsa National Forest

The Bayelsa National Forest is home to some of the last chimpanzees in Nigeria. It covers part of the old Nembe Kingdom, now divided into the Nembe and Brass local government areas, in Bayelsa. The reserve is a freshwater swamp forest with an area of 9,324 hectares. Hunters can access the forest through the creeks and along oil pipelines.

Agbokim waterfalls

Agbokim waterfalls are situated in the Etung local government area of Cross River, very close to its border with Cameroon. The waterfalls are about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from Ikom and 320 kilometres (200 mi) from Calabar. Named after the host town, Agbokim Waterfalls comprises seven streams that display a breathtaking cascade of freshwater plunging down the high cliff into the beautiful tropical rainforest. It is surrounded by steep hills, valleys, and luxuriant vegetation.

Park Vega Waterpark

Park Vega is the largest water park in West Africa, the first international standard water park in Nigeria and West Africa, and a member of IAAPA (International Association of Amusements & Attractions) and W.W.A. (World Waterparks Association). Park Vega has a space hole waterslide, multi surf slide, freefall slide, black hole wave combo slide, aqua tower, splash pad, wave pool, relax pool, cabanas, restaurants and bars, and spaces to hosts parties.

Location: Nmordi Street, Ewuru Road, Off Km 68 Benin-Asaba Expressway, Agbor, Delta.

Benin City National Museum

This is one of the most ancient tourists attraction in southern Nigeria .The Benin City National Museum is a national museum in Benin City, located in the city centre on King’s Square. The museum has many artefacts related to the Benin Empire, such as terracotta, bronze figures and cast iron pieces. They also carry ancient art related to the early times. Benin City Museum boasts an impressive number of historical and cultural artefacts. It is regarded as one of the richest among the National Museums in Nigeria due to its history, not just for the Benin Empire, but of surrounding ancient city-states.https://www.historyextra.com/period

Location: Ring Road Roundabout, Oka, Benin City.

The above mentioned places are few place tourists would enjoy visiting in south south Nigeria.

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