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Idanre hills:The myths about oke idanre will interest you.



Idanre Hills also known as Oke Idanre is one of the popular tourist attractions in Ondo. It is an ancient city set upon A hill located in the city of Idanre Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. Idanre Hills has become one of the popular tourist attractions in Ondo State. The story of Idanre Hills is proof of ancient civilization in South-West Nigeria. The Hills are located on hundreds of hectares of land surrounded by beautiful vegetation, high hills, ancient settlements etc.

How The City Got Its Name

The city of Idanre is truly a wonder to behold. This is obvious from the landscape, the people and the culture. There are so many wonders surrounding this ancient city. According to the history folklore, a Royal member from Ife once visited Idanre Hills. Upon seeing the gigantic hills, and seeing the community which is known for its magic and black powers. He exclaimed in Yoruba language Idan re (this is magic). That was how the city got its name.

The myths about Idanre hill.

Ibi Akasu:

The Kings Palace:

The unreadable signs

Agboogun Footprint

The wonderful mat

Omi Aopara:

The Orosun Hill:

Arun River:

Amazing facts about Idanre hills

-It has 682 steps to reach the peak.
-There are five resting points before the top of the hill.
-They moved downhill in 1928.
Idanre Hills is listed on the tentative list of UNESCO world heritage sitehttps://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/5169/.
-The hill is located in Ondo State
25 Kings have ruled this city, the current one is the 26th.

Climbing the Hills is not a journey for the faint-hearted. The journey requires strength, resilience and stamina.

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