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History about igi idunganran in Lagos

Is it a tourist center or not?



About Iga idunganran:

The modern part of the complex was completed and commissioned on 1 October 1960 by the Prime Minister of Nigeria, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.Recently modernized by the Obas Adeniji Adele II and Adeyinka Oyekan II, it underwent additional modernization in 2007 and 2008 by the present Oba, Akiolu, in conjunction with the Lagos State government and the Nigerian Museum.

Iga Idunganran has served as an administration centre, the island’s market and the venue of the Eyo festival.

Name derivation

IGA, derived from the Oyo/Ife Yoruba language GAAmeaning Royal Home or Palace, IDUN means land, place or sound of while IGANRAN is the Yoruba word for pepper. Iga Idunganran therefore translates to “the palace built on a pepper farm”, Aromire having used the land previously as his farm.

During the British occupation of Lagos, 1861 to 1960, the Iga Idunganran was left to decay and run into a terrible state of disrepair.

During colonization Era;

The British referred to Iga Idunganran as an ‘official residence’ of the Oba of Lagos and not as ‘Palace’, whereas, the Obas of Lagos described it as their ‘Palace’. Referance has been made to Oba Akinsemoyin who consolidated the architectural structure of the Palace. As a youngman, he had lost out in a succession struggle with his brother, Gabaro, who banished him on exile to the Gold Coast (now Ghana) where he made contact with Portuguese traders. During his years in exile, he strengthened his relations with these Portuguese traders and on the death of his brother, Gabaro, (1767), he was apparently assisted by these traders to regain the throne by force of arms; for this concession in granting trade monopoly in Lagos to them.


The old building itself now contains of three main rooms (including the throne room), the living rooms and a number of interconnected small chambers, all in a compact square covering some 600 square yards. The center of each of the main room is open to the sky as originally designed and all rooms, with the exception of the Throne room, have one or more of the tombs of the previous Obas.

Is iga idunganran a tourist place?

Significant cultural eventsDo You know that Oro is a Yoruba Anti-Women Festival? that have taken place at the palace include the famous Eyo Festival also known as the Adamu Orisha play. The festival is often held whenever an occasion arises or tradition demands. It is part of the final burial rites of highly regarded chief in the king’s court and to also escort the soul of a departed Lagos King. During the festival, tourists from all part of the World gather together to have fun, from large speakers around the palace comes all kind and genres of music.

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