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Do you know the trick about migraine/headaches?

Remedy to cure headaches


Headaches Relief Foot Soak

I am grateful that I have never been plagued by headaches. However, I have many friends, family and clients who have issues with headaches, and I know how debilitating they can be. As a fan of all things natural, I have done lots of research on natural alternatives to OTC pain relievers and was excited to see that one very simple remedy actually involves soaking your feet to help soothe your head. I’ve had several people tell me this has really helped them when they were suffering, and no meds were needed!

How To Make A Headache Relief Foot Soak


Fill a basin, sink or tub with hot water (and lavender or peppermint essential oil if you have it). Place your bare feet into the hot water and let them soak for 20 minute. The heat will draw the blood to your feet, easing the pressure on the blood-vessels in your head. If the headache is extreme, it has been said that adding hot mustard powder can make the soak even more effective.

While your feet are soaking place an ice pack on your forehead or your neck to draw the blood away from this area. Be sure to place a paper towel or towel between the ice pack and your skin to ensure there is no damage to the skin from direct contact with the cold.

After 20 minutes of soaking in the hot water, rinse your feet in cold water, then dry them and lay down for 20 more minutes to allow the muscles to continue to relax.


Know What’s Causing Your Headache

The best way to get rid of a headache quickly may depend on what’s causing it, or what type of headache it is. Some common and less common types and causes of headache include the following:

  • Tension-type headaches are the most common headaches. They tend to cause a dull, pressure-type pain on both sides of the head.
  • Migraine is also common, affecting nearly 40 million Americans. Migraine attacks tend to cause throbbing pain on one side of the head, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tingling or numbness, visual disturbances, and sensitivity to light, touch, smell, or sound.
  • Consuming too much alcohol results in a hangover, or a headache that’s accompanied by thirst, fatigue, or nausea.
  • When a sinus infection is the cause of a headache, it typically occurs alongside nasal congestion, nasal discharge, decreased sense of smell, and a feeling of pain, pressure, or fullness in the sinuses. Many so-called sinus headaches are actually migraine attacks.
  • COVID-19 can cause headaches with migraine-like or, more commonly, tension-headache.

If headaches are disrupting your life and they don’t respond to the treatments you try, see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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