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Art galleries you would love to visit in Nigeria

Top art galleries in Nigeria.


 10 of Nigeria’s Top Art Galleries

Art is an integral part of Nigeria’s cultural image. And Nigeria’s art ecosystem continues to flourish at an impressive pace as Nigerian artists, art lovers, and curators increasingly break creative and commercial molds to keep art alive in the public’s consciousness. The top art galleries in the country not only immensely contribute to the appreciation and preservation of the aesthetic nature of art, they also dedicate their spaces to grooming future talent and enlightening the populace, within and beyond the shores of the country.Tourists attraction in the southern part of Nigeria

Nike Art Centre, Lagos, Osun, Kogi, and Abuja

Nike Art Centre is steadfast in its portrayal and promotion of the richness of Nigerian and African culture, heritage, tradition, languages, and art. It has its galleries in four locations across the country. The Lagos branch, located in Lekki is reportedly the largest art gallery in West Africa.

Red Door Gallery, Victoria Island, Lagos

The Red Door Gallery in Lagos is one of Nigeria’s largest privately-owned art galleries. Red Door welcomes and provides artists and art enthusiasts with the perfect environment to immerse themselves in the discipline, where they are able to display, appreciate, learn about, and deal in art.

Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos

Terra Kulture is an award-winning destination for arts and culture in Nigeria. Its art gallery displays artwork by some of the most renowned names in the country. With about 30 known exhibitions under its belt, one of the finest African restaurants, and classes for local languages, Terra Kulture is one of the most prominent Nigerian centers for arts and culture.

Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos

This “family legacy” is certainly one of the country’s leading galleries when it comes to modern/contemporary art. Omenka was established by Oliver Enwonwu (the son of famous Nigerian 20th-century modern artist, Ben Enwonwu) in 2003 and has since continued to feature both critically acclaimed art exhibitions by local and international artists, as well as emerging talent in the discipline.

Thought Pyramid, Wuse, Abuja

Thought Pyramid Gallery is an “alternative gallery” with a mission to find and maintain a common ground for the traditional and commercial worlds of art in Nigeria and actively contribute to the global art movement. Thought Pyramid showcases and celebrates African modern and contemporary art.

The center also dedicates an arm to educating people of all ages about “established artists and art movements.” Around 40 Nigerian artists exhibited their work at Thought Pyramid to mark World Art Day in April.

Hourglass Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos

The works of 51 Nigerian and Ghanaian artists are presently featured at the Hourglass Gallery. Periodically, it showcases and promotes the latest works of these artists. Hourglass Gallery is one of the most reputable locations for art lovers to appreciate and buy art.

Mydrim Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos

At Mydrim Gallery, the purpose, value, and beauty of art are at the core of the exhibitions. Mydrim is another one of the galleries in Nigeria that harbors a dedication to the promotion of upcoming talent by showcasing their work.

National Gallery of Modern Art, Iganmu, Lagos

National Gallery of Modern Art is located within the National Theatre—one of the most prominent landmarks that Lagos and Nigeria have to offer. The government-owned art gallery houses portrait and modern sculpture sections which famously exhibit artwork from earlier and modern times in Nigeria.

Vintage Art Gallery, Jos, Plateau

Vintage Art Gallery’s exhibitions focus on creating positive social impacts through arts and creativity. Presently, the gallery mostly features the works of the curator and art students, including sculptures, paintings, and illustrations.

Centre for Contemporary Art, Yaba, Lagos

The driving force behind the exhibitions at the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) is the enlightenment of the general public on all forms of visual arts and “new media.” The center is home to the works of artists, photographers, filmmakers, and more. CCA is a non-profit organization.

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