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Creative Ideas on How to Wear Burnt Orange

how to gorgeously rock your burnt orange outfit


Now, as far as colours go, orange can come across as very aggressive. It’s almost “in your face” so to speak. Think of traffic cones. That energy can also read as very optimistic and enthusiastic.


Colour theory explains that it can even encourage action. It’s a courageous colour.

So, without going too deep into the psychology of colour, let’s embrace all the positive aspects of burnt orange by wearing it in flattering ways this season.

Here are nine creative ideas for wearing burnt orange.

1. Do it with denim

The most obvious choice is to pair your burnt orange pieces with denim. That might mean a dress with a denim jacket or a blouse and denim jeans, or some other burnt orange and denim combination.

This is the most casual option and definitely one to peruse if you are attending any UT Longhorn football games!

Similarly, navy is a beautifully classic colour to pair with burnt orange. If you’re feeling bold, you can even try cobalt blue.

2. Make it monochromatic

A way to have the colour make its own bold statement is by way of a monochromatic look. As you might have seen here, I found a simple, yet beautiful, a dress that is truly a perfect shade of this burnt orange hue.

3. Give it a go with green

Green is a complementary colour to orange, so pairing these two colours together works wonderfully. The key is using the same tone for both.

4. Go gorgeous with gold

In terms of jewellery, gold accents the burnt orange colour so very nicely. They are both bold and rich feeling, and they complement each other very well. So, go for the gold accessory

5. Ban black and brown

We certainly don’t believe in rules in fashion. So we don’t want to say don’t wear burnt orange with black or brown because either can, in fact, be a pretty option.

However, be careful when wearing too much black or brown with the colour, as you want to steer clear of looking like a Halloween decoration or a tree in the fall.

Plus, those dark neutrals can drag the colour down, even more, making it drab and mundane rather than bold and extraordinary. If you need to incorporate some neutrals, opt for lighter toned neutrals.

6. Yes to Yellow

One of our favourite colours to pair with burnt orange is yellow. Both are happy, positive colours. They invoke the image of a new day dawning! And who doesn’t love a fresh, sunny start to her day?

7. Always Accessorize

You know we love accessorizing, and there are some beautiful ways to bring the burnt orange colour into your accessories, such as with the clutch I wore with this look.

8. Pick a print or pattern

Wear orange as a print or pattern, such as with this embroidered top. There are tons of beautiful printed or pattern outfits to complement it.

9. Break from the “burnt” 

When all else fails, Longhorns, break away from the burnt shade of orange. Trust me, no one is going to question your school loyalty if you go for a different shade of oranges like coral or rust.

Just don’t wear traffic cone orange when you are playing the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

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