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7 things you don’t know about Kate Henshaw

Henshaw has been in the movie industry for almost three decades


Henshaw has been in the movie industry for almost three decades. She has one of the most inspiring and successful careers in the entertainment industry.

even though she’s a household name in the country.

1. She was paid 30k for her first movie role

Many movie stars in Nollywood kicked off their careers from humble beginnings. For these movie stars, it wasn’t as rosy as it looked as they earned close to nothing at the start of their now successful careers.


When Henshaw landed her first movie role, she was paid N30,000, “I could remember that I got N30,000 for my first movie role,” she said while answering questions about the changes needed in Nollywood.


2. She sold drinks at the International Tradefair

“I worked at the International Trade Fair as one of the girls that would sell drinks. I also worked at the Lagos Motor Fair, I was doing so many things. That was how I came in contact with the late JT Tomwest,” she told EElive during a chat about her journey to Nollywood.

3. Once ran for political office

It is no news that several celebrities have found their way into politics at some point. For some like Desmond Elliot, it has been a success story while for others, it was probably a wrong move.

Henshaw joins the list of celebrities who have tried their hands-on politics. Henshaw took her chance to get into the murky waters of politics six years ago.


Henshaw contested for the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to represent Calabar Municipal/Odukpani Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives. She didn’t win.

4. A gym rat

Well, this is one interesting fact about Henshaw that several people might already know. According to the actress, a typical day for her starts with going to the gym to burn some calories.

“I’m totally an addict, so I am in the gym for two to three hours. My time is my own, so I am not going to work for anybody. And if I’m on location, I will check the time and then work out,” said during a chat in 2018.

5. Wants to be an air-hostess

“I love people. I love serving people, helping people, smiling, and asking for coffee or tea? Are you comfortable? You know I just like making people smile, making them happy, serving, you know, I just think it’s fun because I love flying too. So maybe I should try it one day I don’t know, it’s good to have me but I would love to do it.”

6. Former athlete in secondary school

One interesting feat about a lot of celebrities is the fact that they excelled in sports during their teenage years. Henshaw was involved practically in almost all the sporting activities back in school.


“I have always been athletic, even in school. I played basketball, I played volleyball, I played hockey, back then when it was still played properly in school. I ran a 100meter race, I did long jump, high jump, and I dance too.

So yes, I was an all-around sportsperson. Anybody that went to the schools that I attended will tell you that I was an all-around sports person,” she said during a chat with Independent in 2018.


7. She once worked at the Nigeria Bottling Company

Henshaw had a career path she was going to stick to until Nollywood came calling in 1993.

The medical microbiologist could no longer juggle between acting and working in the laboratory. According to her, she had a stint with the Nigeria Bottling Company before hanging her boots.


“The only time I worked in the Quality Assurance lab was at the Nigerian Bottling Company in Ikeja, I didn’t know how to get back,” she said during an interview in 2020.

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