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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Business Name In 2021


When you’re building a business in 2021, choosing a business name is more about analytics than sentiment. While the names of big brands like Apple and Coca-Cola are etched in our brains, most small to medium size businesses need to be named for optimal search engine results rather than memorability.

It is for this reason that you should try using a business name generator if you can’t think of the right name. Wix’s name generator provides you with options that are simple, specific to your industry, and easy to search. When you build your website, you’ll find it easy to create headers and logos using your chosen business name.

There are some big mistakes you should avoid when choosing a business name in 2021. Keep the following 5 possible mistakes in mind.


1. Not thinking about the URL

In the early days of the internet, URLs were extremely important when naming a business. After all, if you wanted someone to find your business, you needed to share it with them. Having a long, complicated URL made it less likely that anyone would remember it or even bother trying.

URLs are not quite as important in 2021. Most people find websites through search engines or social media these days. Alternatively, they click on a link they received from you or someone else.

However, that does not mean the URL is not important. Even if people are not typing the URL into the bar, they will notice it. They will notice if you are using a free domain name. They will notice if the combination of words is unintentionally inappropriate. They will particularly notice if the URL is different from the name of the business.

This brings us to the next mistake to avoid.

2. Not checking domain availability

There are too many business owners who choose a name, get attached to it, and start branding accordingly, only to realize the domain name is not available. This is a simple mistake to avoid in 2021. As soon as you think of a company name you like, do a domain name search.

Your check should go further than simply finding an available domain name. If there is a .net available but not a .com, choose a new name. This is not because there is anything wrong with the former, but it means that if people type in the latter, they will get someone else’s page. Ideally, you should buy the most popular variations of your domain name.

Also, check for similar names. For example, if you want to name your business Candid Recruitments, check if there is already a Candid Recruitment.

3. Leaving out your industry

Big international brands with great marketing teams can choose single word or snappy names. But small businesses need to think about how people are going to find them. When you’re looking for a company to take care of your swimming pool, you’ll more likely click on a business called [Your Location] Swimming Pools than a business called Swimly.

When choosing your business name, put what you do in the name. Leaving it out might give it a nicer ring and a shorter, snappier domain name, but that’s not going to serve your bottom line.

4. Avoiding buzzwords

No one really likes using buzzwords once they have been around for a while. They become the butt of many business jokes. But there is a reason they exist and that is because they are effective at communicating a trend in the business world.

You might want to avoid certain words because of how clichéd and overused they sound, but they do work. That doesn’t mean you need to use the word “synergy” in your business name, but be open to names which take advantage of the effectiveness of such words.

5. Appropriating words

On the other end of the scale, you might be tempted to appropriate a word that is used regularly in other industries. This might sound great in a name and may impress some people. But the point of your business name is to cast a wide web.

Anything that makes people question what type of business you are should be avoided. People are always going to click on the search results that clearly apply to them. Even if your name looks great, they’ll look past it.

Choosing a business name in 2021 is about analytics. You need to find a name that is going to both work in your branding while effectively telling people what you do. Avoid the above mistakes so as not to send potential clients straight to your competitors.

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